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Ceramic mint-green collection 30 Piece Dinner Set For 6

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The felicity at a dining table is like a drop of water on a beautiful sight that needs to be thoughtfully preserved.

With a ceramic mint-green collection, sculpted precisely and accurately in the shape of a, the moments of joy can be relived time and again.

The suggested menu would be fresh and hot starters on small snack plates of 7 inches, a nachos filled large snack bowl, baby corn tossed in sauce and presented on 1 small bowl of 8.5 inches with handle, creamy mushroom soup in soup bowls, 6 dip dishes of salsa, entrees on 6 dinner plates, a seafood dish in 1 serving bowl of 9 inches, a serving bowl of curry, an assortment of cheese on one 10 inches platter and one 11.5 inches platter, and salad on 1 small bowl with handle.

Nestip: Complete the cabinet by adding other – themed mugs and cups for the afternoon teatime.

Color: Green

Material: Ceramic

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