How can health insurance assist in pre-and post-natal costs?

Maternity health insurance is a more confident approach to covering pre-and post-natal costs during pregnancy, assuring financial coverage, and offering the best medical care.

Motherhood is a significant approach not only in the life of the mother but for the concerned family as well. This delicate stage must be covered with utmost security and caution. This phase requires multiple medical consultations, procedures, investigations and much more. Under the current circumstances, we are witnessing skyrocketing medical costs. Opting for proper health insurance is the ideal solution to manage it. However, maternity health insurance is a more confident approach to covering pre-and post-natal costs during pregnancy, assuring financial coverage, and offering the best medical care.

What are Maternity Health Insurance and its Working Strategies?

As the name suggests, maternity health insurance primarily focuses on covering the expenses incurred during the process of childbirth. It covers throughout the pregnancy term, during childbirth and even after that. Although a maternity health plan comes as a stand-alone policy, it is also available as a rider to a standard health insurance cover.

Coverage of pre- and post-natal expenses:

Maternity health plans normally include the expenses of pre-and post-natal coverage. Pre-natal expenses include medical consultations, several investigations, medications, etc. This particular health insurance covers all the medical expenses necessary for safe childbirth. Under normal circumstances, most of the pre-hospitalisation costs accumulated at least 30 days prior to the hospitalization of the mother get reimbursed.

Post-natal charges include treatments, investigations, additional medical check-ups, and immunizations of the newborn. Maternity insurance may also cover the medical costs and the hospitalisation costs post-childbirth too, depending on the terms of the concerned plan and its coverage level. Typically, such facilities last up to 60 days, after the discharge of the mother and the baby. To avail of all these facilities, it is best to opt for a befitting comprehensive health insurance plan, for securing all the medical costs as and when they arise, depending on the circumstances.

Additional advantages of maternity health plan:

The detailed specifics of any particular insurance are bound to differ from one to the next. Apart from the pre-and post-hospitalization benefits, you can also consider some other important benefits of maternity health insurance too. Some of these benefits include:

  • The cost of delivery, both normal and Caesarian as well
  • Cashless hospitalisation facility
  • Daycare facilities
  • Ambulance costs
  • Charges of the doctor, the anaesthetists, the nurses
  • Charges for lodging and overtime, if required.

Exclusions of maternity insurance:

While opting for any health insurance cover, it is best to know all the terms and conditions clearly before proceeding. It stands true for maternity health cover too. Till now, we have discussed what comes under the purview of the maternity plan. However, we must also remember that there exist certain exclusions as well. The expenses that are not covered by the maternity plan are:

  • The medicine costs, which are not tied to delivery or any other relevant surgeries.
  • The medical expenses incurred due to any pre-existing ailment, even if it affects the current pregnancy.
  • Expenses incurred due to treating infertility.
  • Any expenses related to congenital ailments.

Benefits of pre-and post-natal expense coverage:

Some of the most significant advantages of pre-and post-natal coverage are as follows:


Possessing a proper health insurance coverage that covers nearly all the associated expenses offers tremendous peace of mind to the jittery mother and her family as well. It offers a secured guarantee that the mother and child will enjoy the best possible medical care under the best facilities, without having to worry about money, during such a vulnerable stage. This assures maximum healthy outcome towards the development of both the baby and the mother during the course.

All-round defence:

With the help of a befitting health insurance cover, you enjoy comprehensive protection during your child’s first arrival. It assures the best medical care in the most budget-friendly manner, throughout the course of pregnancy and even beyond that.

Maintaining valid and sufficient health insurance is the perfect answer to cope with the rising medical costs. It saves you from worrying about your finances during crucial medical emergencies.


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