Best Health Insurance Coverages to Buy in 2022

Covid-19 has reached its peak, and it is evident that it is here to stay for a long while. Death counts have outnumbered every analysis, and the tragedies have outpowered all expert predictions.

There hasn’t been a time more crucial for one to attain impeccable health. At the same time, it has become crucial to take care of your loved ones more consciously. A good health insurance coverage that can provide the much needed covid 19 insurance for your loved ones is non-negotiable in this situation.

Having the best health insurance coverage is now more vital than ever because it will help you stay up with escalating healthcare prices and ensure a healthy future for you and your family without worrying about medical costs or hospitalisation charges. When it comes to purchasing a health insurance policy, a thorough reading of each policy is required to make the right decision as per your needs.

WIth Coverfox, you can make your journey of buying the best insurance coverage smooth and easy. A. It is now easy to choose the best scheme, which covers your medical costs, including pre & post-hospitalisation costs, daycare costs, covid 19 insurance, hospitalisation for acute disease etc. Medical expenses for you from the comprehensive list of health insurance policies for 2022.

How to Select the Best Health Insurance Plan in 2022

In the times where we take hours to order food from the 20 options available online, it requires no special emphasis to mention that thorough research and study of different health insurance plans must be done by you before acquiring the one which best suits you. Whether looking for covid-19 insurance or one for any other critical illnesses, you first need to determine the benefits and comprehend what is and is not covered before you choose the best health insurance coverage.

Sum Insured:

The sum insured is the amount of health insurance coverage you would like to acquire. The main purpose of buying a health plan is to protect your funds. You can have your medical expenses, treatment costs, hospitalization expenses etc covered in the largest hospital without your financial account being depleted. You should therefore choose a scheme that offers a large amount of insurance you may use to pay your medical expenses if they happen.

The Family Floater Plan:

Look for the family floater health insurance plan instead of a single plan for each family member if you want to secure everyone’s health financially. A family float plan has several advantages and is also economical, providing critical coverage.


An add on or alternative coverage that a policyholder can buy in addition to its core policy is provided in health insurance. In addition to the standard health insurance policy, add-on covers play a significant function in delivering additional protection for a low additional premium price.

Customer Reviews:

The features of a health plan alone are not sufficient to make it the best insurance policy. The insurance company also plays a role. You should hunt for a nice and helpful insurance company to get your policy. The insurance firm should have a good customer service system and overall performance. Experience of other customers’ provides a review of the insurer’s

Claim Settlement Ratio:

Getting your claim at the right time is more important than having the best health insurance plan. A good claim settlement ratio ensures that your insurance amount shall be delivered just at the right time you need it.

Network Hospitals:

All health insurance programmes are associated with hospitals. These are called Network Hospitals. Check the hospital list of the network to discover whether your preferred hospital is involved. This allows you to be treated in a convenient place within the plan also allowing you to make cashless claims as well.


A sub-limit means that for each component you have a set amount, such as lodging rent, ambulance fees, etc. Before you make the final purchase, go over the subset limits and ensure that they function for your benefit.

Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2022

Below is a list of the best covid 19 insurance coverages in 2022:

Medical insurance plan:

It is a comprehensive medical insurance plan that protects you and your family for a single monthly payment under one policy. With a network of over 6 500 hospitals, sum insured choices ranging from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 1 crore and a vast range of features, the plan can be your perfect health partner. This plan does not only cover the costs of hospitalisation, but also the 60 and 90 days for pre-and post-hospitalization. The plan also covers both the newborn and maternity medical expenditures.


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